Merlin Software For HOA Resorts

Merlin Software is a leading provider of timeshare resort software. Over the past fifteen years they have developed solutions for some of the world’s major hospitality brands.

Now Merlin is bringing its simple, easy-to-use software to mature, HOA-run resorts – and it’s license-fee free for qualifying resorts*

Merlin provides the latest resort management software. It is quick and easy to install and because it runs over the internet, resorts do not need an IT department to manage it or any expensive communication links, servers or other hardware. With a simple login and password, the resort team can access the same data wherever they are located in the world – and it is always up to date.

Merlin Software for Home Owner Associations (HOA) and committee-run resorts is an out-of-the-box solution for mature resorts and includes everything required to manage a resort today:

  • Full property management system
  • Owner, exchange and rental reservations
  • Accounting package with industry-specific features
  • Ownership management
  • Integration with your website
  • Marketing communications
  • Management fee billing and reporting

To see if your resort qualifies for Merlin Software for HOA Resorts free of charge visit the Merlin website today: Do I Qualify?

*Qualifying mature resorts will receive Merlin Software for Home Owner Associations free of any licensing charges, saving up to $20,000 per year. Please note that software setup, training and any on-going support is not included in this offer but full details on these costs are available to qualifying resorts.

Special Offer: To celebrate the launch of Merlin Software for HOA Resorts, Merlin is offering all timeshare resorts the opportunity to have a FREE assessment of their current and future technology requirements.

To find out more, contact Merlin Software on: