Aunty Betty Talks About One Up-Manship

Over the last few years I have been able to share the ups and downs of life and introduce you to some of my friends and neighbours.

This time I am going to introduce you to a corker – Winifred Annabelle Linford-Inkpen (do not forget the hyphen). A lady who has an opinion on everything and who cannot let a statement go by without comment.

From politics and scandal to general knowledge and the weather, she knows it all. She organises with a rod of iron the Woman’s Institute and the local Brownies and rules the committees of the choral society, church council and even her poor husband.

So imagine my glee when I managed to get one up on her.

It all came about when we were discussing the lack of help and advice available to small associations and committees. Winifred was going on and on about the local Citizens Advice Bureau and how wonderful they were. She worked part-time for them and could answer everything that was asked.

“Well, what about timeshare,” asked Beryl, looking up from her knitting? A deadly hush descended.

”Timeshare,” Winifred replied with her aristocratic nose quivering as if there was a rather nasty smell, “why would they want to deal with timeshare? It is full of fraudsters and who in their right mind would even buy timeshare?”

”Well, actually it is quite easy to understand and I am sure you must have heard of TATOC?“ I asked Winifred.

“Taytoc?” she replied, looking around for support.