Millennials Changing Travel

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The millennial generation is travelling. The United Nations estimates that 20 per cent of all today´s international tourists were born between 1980 and the early 2000s. This translates to 200 million travellers.

Younger travellers, it says, are looking for new types of travel. Timeshare resorts with weeks available for sale and rental need to know more about them.

1. They’re committed to travel. According to a survey published by Expedia, those 30 and under report taking an average of 4.2 leisure trips a year, more than any other age group.

2. They don’t visit destinations. They experience places. Younger travellers are less interested in “the traditional sun, sea and sand holidays” than previous generations.

3. They don’t place as much value on ownership. Millennials place more value on access than on whole ownership. This could contribute to the surge in their purchasing timeshare, which offers access to a resort without the full investment of a second home.

4. They do their research. Before making a purchase, nearly three-fourths of millennials research the product on-line.  According to the American Resort Development Association, 42 per cent of new timeshare owners experienced the product first-hand by renting before making the purchase.

5. They’re mobile. Younger groups are more likely to book and research their travel on-line and through mobile devices. Only 18 per cent of those under 30 have not used a smartphone for travel, according to an Expedia survey.