How to choose Cheap Memory Foam Mattress?

If you want to find a cheap and best memory foam mattress it isn’t that hard to do, however finding a cheap memory foam mattress that is of quality is the hard part.

When it comes to memory foam, if you opt for a cheap mattress make sure that it is quality. Unfortunately this is difficult to do but one thing you can do is to make sure that your mattress is USA made. If the foam is from overseas it can be much more difficult to determine quality if at all of the memory foam and whether it will live up to the standards expected.

A cheap memory foam mattress is cheap for a reason. Below are a list of the reasons why a memory foam mattress is able to be sold cheaply.

Cheap Memory Foam & Toxic chemicals

Many memory foam mattresses will contain toxic chemicals. This is how they can be cheaply made. However these chemicals can irritate your lungs and cause respiratory problems. They can also disturb your sleep which defeats the point of buying a memory foam mattress in the first place as one would expect to get the best night’s sleep they have ever had. Skin allergies can also crop up from the cheap chemicals used within the mattress.

Cheaply made memory foam is not environmentally-friendly but good quality foam can be somewhat and also made from natural materials.

Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses Flatten & You Sink In

Cheap memory foam will flatten after repeated use and fairly quickly. They are made from low density visco-elstic foam which has bigger open cells but much fewer of them. As a result air spreads to the holes fairly quickly so you end up sinking into the foam faster. This may feel nice to begin with but it will not give you the postural support that memory foam is praised for giving.

A good quality foam mattress will not let you sink in like this and will take longer for the foam to adapt to your body. This is to ensure maximum support and comfort.

Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses Have A Short LifeSpan & Cost You More In The Long Run

Lower density memory foam wears out much more quickly and will lose its ability to retain its original shape as well. Having lower density means that the cell structures will break down much easier because the cells are more spaced out and can’t support each other very well as opposed to thicker density memory foam where the cells are close together and can support each other.

Cheap memory foam may also show signs of sagging within the first year of us and therefore lose its ability to support you and give you a good night’s sleep. They are also known to last up to 8 years less than a quality mattress (whether memory foam or not). So you may find yourself replacing your mattress more often, meaning that even though the initial cost of the mattress is lower you end up buying more and thus it costs you in the long run. Of course though you won’t just be paying from your pocket but also losing out on quality sleep.

Support & Comfort

As mentioned in this article, lower quality memory will not support you in the same way a quality mattress will. This will mean the good night’s sleep you were looking for will not happen if you try to go cheap.

Want A Cheap Memory Foam Mattress? Why Not Try A Mattress Topper?

Of course though, there is an alternative to spending lots of money on a new mattress. If you current mattress isn’t in that bad of shape, a memory foam mattress topper may just be the perfect solution for you.
A memory foam mattress topper can be of top quality but a fraction of the price a brand new mattress would be. There are some great options for mattress toppers available on Amazon.