Perspective Forums Success

Perspective Forums, the online engagement tool designed exclusively for the shared ownership industry, reports over 25,000 member interactions since its debut earlier this year. When Perspective Magazine launched their social media platform ( for the timeshare and fractional industry it was originally as an experiment to see if the popularity and main features of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn could be combined and utilized specifically for industry professionals. Seven months later and more than 25,000 friend requests later, the site has grown beyond the original expectations of Perspective Magazine President and CEO Paul Mattimoe.

We had been, and still are heavily investing in social media marketing, but noticed that there was so much noise out there that it wasnt always easy to find what was relevant, said Mr. Mattimoe. With the creation of Perspective Forums, we set up a timeshare and fractional community where members could seek each other out online to ask questions, find answers and share knowledge in an environment that was solely related to their industry. Thousands of members and online exchanges later, we are very pleased to see that the project has been successful and is serving the industry well, said Mr. Mattimoe.

In August, the original forum was integrated into the Perspective Magazine website to bring everything under one online roof and allow for seamless interaction between the forum and the latest industry news and information available at Readers can now visit the magazine website, read the latest news and discuss it with others in the industry with just a click on the forum tab.

Mr. Mattimoe adds that this is part of our larger social media strategy to engage people in ways that can build the integrity and transparency of the timeshare and fractional industry. Through the collective channels of our forum, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, we are proactively spreading news and information that will help professionals make informed decisions regarding their businesses.