ASA Adjudicates Holiday Advert

As part of the Timeshare Task Force initiative, Kwikchex recently challenged whether an advertisement on the Direct Resorts International website was misleading with the Advertising Standards Authority (the ASA).

It believed that the advertisement omitted a significant condition that the prices of the holidays referred to were dependent on consumers attending a timeshare sales presentation during the holiday. Failure to attend would mean incurring the full cost of the holiday accommodation.

Kwikchex also challenged whether the statement that referred to holidays “at RCI… Affiliated Resorts” was misleading because it understood that the advertiser had no connection with RCI.

Easy Consulting SL which trades as Direct Resorts International, did not respond to the ASA’s enquiries. The ASA was concerned at this lack of response and, because it had not seen evidence to show if the advertised holiday prices were generally available or if they were only available to customers who attended a sales presentation, concluded that the quoted price had not been substantiated and the advertisement was misleading.

The complaint regarding the reference to RCI was also upheld by the ASA as it had seen no evidence that there was a connection with RCI.

The advertisement must not appear again in its current form.

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