In My View With John Hughes

The timeshare industry has changed considerably over the 25 years in which I have been directly involved.

My first experience of timeshare was as an in-house solicitor of the bank which was heavily involved in lending on commercial property in the U.K. but had also ventured into timeshare developments within Europe, mainly Spain and Portugal.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s timeshare developers were still building apartments for timeshare and the bank lent not only for the building of apartments but also commercial areas and leisure facilities.

Part of the security taken by the bank (quite apart from mortgages for commercial areas) was a charge over the unsold timeshare weeks.

It soon became clear that the initial sales of a new timeshare would be encouraging as timeshare salesmen were disposing of the key weeks during the school holidays.

Once the flow of income from sales started to dry up, the payments to the bank also started to dry up and the bank was then left with security over the unpopular weeks.  It soon became apparent that there was also an inherent weakness in the security arrangement. Continue reading “In My View With John Hughes”

Timeshare Maintenance Fees: Value For Money Or Expensive Holidays?

The team at Wordwide Travel Hypermarket took a look at the value of timeshare maintenance fees and how they compare with booking holiday accommodation online. This is what they found:

While timeshares, holiday ownership products or vacation club memberships should never be thought of as a financial investment, the money-saving principle is pretty straightforward.

After the initial outlay to purchase into a resort or club, your holiday accommodation costs should decrease with the annual savings accumulating to good savings over time. Continue reading “Timeshare Maintenance Fees: Value For Money Or Expensive Holidays?”

The Outlook For The Industry By Paul Gardner Bougaard

In a recent issue of Sharetime magazine we asked leading timeshare professionals from Australia and South Africa for their views on the industry in their region.

Here Paul Gardner Bougaard from Europe’s Resort Development Organisation (RDO) shares his thoughts on the European industry in 2014.

RDO members have, like other industries these last five years, been battered by the world-wide recession that has led to the catastrophic drop in property prices in Spain, record unemployment across the E.U., the Euro crisis and the near bankruptcy of some E.U. member states.

Hopefully all this is behind us now. 2013 was a definite improvement on previous years in terms of new sales and the timeshare industry, represented by RDO, looks forward to an even better year in 2014. Continue reading “The Outlook For The Industry By Paul Gardner Bougaard”

Why I Love My Timeshare By Jacky Rawlinson

“We bought the timeshare just as we were leaving university while all our friends were starting to buy houses and nice cars, but holidays were always more important to us.”

“We love everything about our timeshare and the RCI exchange system… Because of work commitments we sometimes book quite late which limits our options, but the good thing is you find yourself saying ‘we know the accommodation will be good, let’s take a chance and go on an adventure’.” Continue reading “Why I Love My Timeshare By Jacky Rawlinson”

Resort Focus: Club Casablanca

Sharetime spoke with Charlie Millar, chairman of Club Casablanca, and asked for his thoughts on why the resort continues to enjoy success.

Club Casablanca opened 28 years ago and comprises 11 connected apartment blocks, each with its own lift, which creates an inner amphitheater with well-tended gardens.

Resort facilities including the pool, bar and bowling green are contained within this spacious amphitheater. For a small fee, secure parking is available in the basement beneath the resort.

Other facilities include a restaurant/bar with regular live entertainment, games room, laundry, 24-hour multi-lingual reception, Wi-Fi connection throughout, gym (subject to payment of a small fee) and satellite television. Continue reading “Resort Focus: Club Casablanca”

Timeshare Vs Package Holidays – The Results Are In


The team at Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket (WWTH) has turned to TripAdvisor to see how traditional package deals compare to timeshare.

The first few months of the year are a popular time for booking holidays. With plenty of cold weather in store having some sunshine to look forward to makes the weather all the more bearable.

But with holiday advertisements in every newspaper, magazine and TV advertising break, and disposable income at its tightest for years, the WWHT team wanted to see how timeshare holidays stack up against run-of-the-mill style package holidays.

Phil Watson, managing director at WWHT, explained: “Before people splash out on that much-needed week away to sunnier climes, and if high standards of accommodation are an important factor in their decision making, we wanted to take a serious look into the holiday options open to people  – including timeshare.” Continue reading “Timeshare Vs Package Holidays – The Results Are In”

Timeshare Worldwide – What Does The Future Hold?

Sharetime asked two leading timeshare professionals for their assessment of the industry in their marketplace.

Australian industry shines – and the best is yet to come says Francis Taylor from Dial An Exchange

The timeshare industry in Australia is extremely healthy and out-performing comparable tourism accommodation products. The industry provides a platform for future growth that is exciting by any measurable standard. Continue reading “Timeshare Worldwide – What Does The Future Hold?”

Resort Focus: Sutton Hall

Brian Knibb, Sutton Hall committee member responsible for sales and marketing, explains how this mature and completely independent resort continues to survive.

Sutton Hall is an 18th century manor house converted into eight suites complemented by six cottages built in the extensive grounds. There are 435 families owning fixed-week products.

The estate extends to 23 acres with formal gardens, meadowland and woodland. There are two tennis courts and an indoor swimming pool.

The resort is five kilometers from the North Yorkshire Moors National Park – while the village pub, which is just a hundred meters from the resort, has full restaurant facilities and two bars. Continue reading “Resort Focus: Sutton Hall”

Why I Love My Timeshare By Ivan And Elizabeth Gould

Ivan and Elizabeth Gould from Yeovil, in Somerset, share their experiences of timeshare exchange – with some surprising results.

Exchange has played a big part in the Goulds getting the most out of their timeshare, helping them to visit 33 countries in 30 years of RCI weeks membership.

In October this year, Ivan and Elizabeth exchanged their week for a sunshine break at a James Villa property in Cyprus – a unique benefit of RCI membership.

Said Ivan: This was our fourth time in Cyprus, but our first stay at a James Villa. Highlights of our stay were its peaceful setting amid a plantation of citrus and banana trees and the location – about 15 kilometres from Paphos and two kilometres from the beach. Continue reading “Why I Love My Timeshare By Ivan And Elizabeth Gould”

In My View With Greg Crist

The timeshare community appears to be dealing with a real and growing problem in North America and the U.K. A new group of hybrid travel clubs has been springing up and wreaking havoc on the lives of timeshare owners who join these so-called ‘clubs”.

First, to be clear, there are legitimate travel clubs that exist and serve the segment quite well. They charge nominal fees and don’t require timeshare owners to transfer or surrender their ownership, nor pay thousands of dollars in processing and handling charges for member initiation.

These hybrid clubs appear to be merely cloaking illegal and often failing transfer entities who are being regulated out of business for their ‘viking ship’ practices.

With new legislation in the United States, many of these former transfer companies have evolved into ‘mega-renters’, who use the travel club concept to mask their real purpose.

Issues recently reported to the National Timeshare Owners Association include: failure to transfer timeshare, failure to provide travel offerings as advertised and, most importantly, failure to adhere to ethical business practices which harm consumers and developers alike.

So, while the response from the industry may appear on the surface to be slow, ARDA’s CEO Howard Nusbaum, says a travel club committee is in place that is observing the movement of this sub-industry. Continue reading “In My View With Greg Crist”

In My View With Geoffrey Price And Stephen Griffin

Managing the shift:  Increasing on-site income with new happy families!

Managing timeshare resorts hand in hand with an active sales and marketing company is something of a rarity today.  The scarcity of sales companies is very much evident: those still in business struggle to make any major in-roads on the dwindling maintenance fees resorts are receiving. Continue reading “In My View With Geoffrey Price And Stephen Griffin”

Aunty Betty Talks About Timeshare Owner Committees

Aunty Betty considers the role of the timeshare owners committee.

“I knew it, I just knew it. As soon as my back was turned what did he go and do? I´m at my wits end, how could he? I can tell you how it will end – mayhem.”

Well, dear reader, that was my neighbour Beryl at full blast the other day, having a tantrum on my doorstep. She has always been a little, shall we say, sensitive.

I tempted her inside with a cup of tea and a mince pie and got ready to hear all Beryl’s gossip, wondering what had happened to cause the outburst. Well you would, wouldn’t you? Continue reading “Aunty Betty Talks About Timeshare Owner Committees”

A Review Of Stouts Hill By Stephen Burton

I have been looking forward to writing my review about Stouts Hill because it is my favourite timeshare resort of the many I’ve visited in my home country, the United Kingdom.

My review of Stouts Hill is totally impartial. I am not an owner there because, by the time I first stayed in the mid 1980’s, I already owned ten timeshare weeks so I had no need to buy further – even at such a superb resort as Stouts Hill. Continue reading “A Review Of Stouts Hill By Stephen Burton”

How To Choose A Timeshare Management Company

Sharetime asked Brad Revell and Vicky Dubois Sandy of management company Resort Solutions (RSL) for their top tips in identifying a management company for your resort.

As resorts have matured and developers have stepped aside, many committees have chosen to appoint professional management rather than manage the entire resort operation on their own. Continue reading “How To Choose A Timeshare Management Company”

In My View With Leslie McCann

Leslie McCann is marketing director for Club La Costa World Resorts & Hotels (CLC World), one of Europe’s leading developers. Sharetime magazine asked how Leslie views today’s industry and how it will change in the coming years.

“Over its existence, traditional timeshare has delivered terrific lifestyle choices and continues to be loved by huge numbers of families worldwide. Continue reading “In My View With Leslie McCann”

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket

Established in 1996 and based in the UK, Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket is Europe’s largest timeshare resale company. Offering a comprehensive service to both buyers and sellers the company have thousands of weeks, points and clubs registered on their books along with many potential buyers waiting for specific units or week numbers to become available.
Continue reading “Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket”



Access thousands of resorts worldwide when you exchange your timeshare week with RCI, the world’s leading exchange company. Book in confidence knowing that we have been organising timeshare exchanges for over 38 years.

In 1974, RCI pioneered the concept of exchange holidays. Since then, millions of timeshare owners have discovered that an RCI subscribing membership really enhances the quality of holiday ownership. Continue reading “RCI”