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Lost propertyFeng Shui hotel group myhotels has scoured its three properties’ lost and found boxes to reveal the weird and wonderful items left behind by its guests. With left items totalling approximately £10,000 every month including on 60 pairs of underpants, 15 passports, 10 iPads and over 100 phone chargers, the boutique hotel collection has revealed its top ten most commonly left items. These are:

Phone chargers

  • Toiletries

  • Underwear

  • Jewellery

  • Shoes

  • Books
Electric toothbrushes

  • Passports

  • Adult toys

Said myhotels’ Head Housekeeper Justyna Granica: “We often find people forget the very valuables they’ve intended to keep safe. We’ve found a wallet stuffed with £1,000 in cash, passports, iPads and expensive jewellery in mini safes recently. We also find very strange items have been left behind such as prosthetic limbs, false teeth and taxidermy.” 

Whilst rummaging through the lost property box, myhotel staff also provided a round up of the most weird and wonderful objects they have discovered. These include:

Prosthetic leg
False teeth

  • Wig

  • Taxidermy bird

  • Dummy head

  • Wallet stuffed with £1,000 in cash

  • Wrapped gifts

  • Heavy duty rope

  • Walking stick

  • Beluga caviar

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